Are you going round in circles in your mind trying to sort out a recurring problem? Has nothing helped?  Are you exasperated from the effort? Do you long to be seen as a person and not as a problem?

When coping strategies no longer work, people can become anxious, frustrated or experience "breakdown". I regard this more as an opportunity to breakthrough to a new way of seeing.

Getting used to experiencing, bearing and regulating feelings and emotions so they can flow through rather than stay held in the body, is an essential capacity in becoming more oneself and to feeling and being more vital. A whole body "getting it" provides deeper insight  than intellectual understanding alone.

The therapy space provides confidentiality, consistency and a chance for deep reflection.  I offer both short and longer term psychotherapy to explore patterns of feeling and behaviour that consistently cause problems and pain.

A session takes the form of a conversation.  What is happening in the here and now between therapist and client provides an opportunity to work with patterns that have "run" the person and may mirror what happens in other relationships. 

Included among the myriad concerns that
afflict us all are:

inability to make boundaries

focusing too much on others needs to the detriment of our own

anxiety and fear

immobility with depression

feelings of worthlessness and lack of joy

hauntings from the past

low self esteem and lack of self agency

lack of purpose